Jules Pascin

Precision, a drawing by Jules PASCIN
"So you are a painter? And what do you paint?
Landscapes?" "No, on the contrary, tarts."

1913 Paris

Watercolour and ink on paper
25 x 33 cm; 9.84 x 13 ins.
Signed and atelier stamp lower left

Sale, Accademia Fine Art, Monte Carlo

Simplicissimus, August 1913, no. 20, p. 324
Yves Hemin, Guy Krohg, Klaus Perls and Abel Rambert, Pascin: Catalogue Raisonné, Vol.III,
Editions Abel Rambert, Paris, 1990, no. 69, p. 50 (printed version from Simplicissimus)
Lothar Lang, ed. Jules Pascin, Eulenspiegel-Verlag, Berlin, 1981, p. 30

Printed page from Simplicissimus

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