JULES PASCIN 1885 - 1930

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"He stands out in this drab, preoccupied, modern world of ours with such startling brilliance that at times it actually seems as though no one alive but he possesses real talent. He is naughty. He's quite scandalous. But he is also very, very, very great. I take off my hat to Jules Pascin, for as a critic of art I have an immense respect for his priceless qualities of expression, at the same time that I wrap my cloak about me, in my stern character as a defender of the virtues, and peer about to see that no one watches as I gloat over the pictures."
Henry McBride review of Pascin exhibition, New York Herald Tribune 1923

Pascin by Horace Brodsky Pascin by Man Ray Pascin by Emil Orlik
  by Horace Brodsky 1917      by Man Ray 1923      by Emil Orlik c.1910


1885 Born on March 31, Julius Mordecai Pincas in Vidin, Bulgaria, eighth of eleven children
1892 Pincas family moves to Bucharest
1896 Attends boarding school in Vienna
1891 Returns to Bucharest and briefly works for father's grain merchant firm. During this time becomes friendly with the madam of a bordello and does some of his earliest drawings in this atmosphere.
1902 Goes to Vienna to study painting
1903-04 Moves to Munich and attends the Heymann Art School. Contributes to Jugend and Simplicissimus. Studies briefly in Berlin.
1905 Begins to sign his name Pascin. Arrives in Paris Christmas Eve to be greeted by artist's delegation from Café du Dôme. Becomes part of artist's circle which included Grossman, Grosz, William Howard, Levy, and Emil Orlik. Studio in Montparnasse followed by Montmartre.
1907 Meets art student Hermine David, whom he later marries. First solo exhibition at Paul Cassirer Gallery in Berlin.
1910 Important commission from Cassirer to illustrate Heinrich Heine's Aus den Memoiren des Herrn von Schnabelewopski.
1911 Exhibits in Berlin Secession.
1912 Exhibits in Cologne Sonderbund-Ausstellung.
1913 Exhibits 12 works in Armory Show in New York; exhibits in Salon d'Automne, Salon des Indépendants, and Galerie Berthe Weill, Paris.
1914 Goes to London in the summer to avoid being conscripted into the Bulgarian army. In October arrives in New York. Instantly becomes part of artist's circle based around the Penguin Club. Meets important collector John Quinn. He is joined in New York by Hermine David.
1914-20 Remains in America. Extensive travel through the South and Cuba.
1915 First one-man exhibition in US at Berlin Photographic Company, New York.
1918 Marries Hermine David.
1920 Becomes American citizen 20 September supported by Alfred Stieglitz and Maurice Sterne. Returns to Paris in October and meets Lucy Krohg, wife of Norwegian painter Per Krohg, who becomes his mistress. Exhibits in Paris galleries throughout the decade: Berthe Weill, Georges Bernheim, Pierre Loeb, Galerie Pierre, etc.
1921 Travels to Algeria.
1923 Exhibits at Joseph Brummer Galeries, New York.
1924 Becomes interested in etching. Travels to Algeria and Tunisia.
1925 Travels in Italy
1927-28 To retain American citizenship returns to New York and is followed by Lucy Krohg. Returns to Paris in summer.
1929 Travels in Spain and Portugal. Signs contract with Galerie Bernheim, Jeune & Cie., Paris.
1930 Exhibition at Knoedler Galleries, New York which receives unfavourable reviews. On 2 June visits an exhibition of his works at the Galerie Georges Petit. Returns to his studio and commits suicide by hanging. All Paris galleries close on 7 June, the day of funeral.
1931 Memorial exhibitions in New York and Paris.

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